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Wallis Agencies is proud to offer our clients Financial Planning Services. Ensuring your assets are protected and invested as efficiently as possible is critical. With numerous investment vehicles available in today's market allocating assets can be an overwhelming decision for consumers.

At Wallis Agencies we look at each client's specific case individually and match it to a portfolio that fits them best. It is important to match our clients risk tolerance with a tax efficient portfolio. We understand your investments are the security of your livelihood and put forth our best effort to ensure your investments reach your financial goals.

With a full line of financial products available Wallis Agencies will find the asset allocation that best meets your personal financial scenario. Various factors such as tax efficiency, risk tolerance, and the client's financial goals are all considered when selecting the appropriate financial plan for our clients. With ever changing financial and tax environments it is important to have an advisor who keeps up to date on the latest changes to ensure your portfolio is properly managed. Wallis Agencies staff Certified Financial Planner actively pursues new educational opportunities to best serve our clients.

For an appointment with our Certified Financial Planner or to find out more about our many great products give us a call!